Skulls and Shackles

Captain's Log
Our first prizes

We took our first two vessels, three after a manner, since we successfully took control of this ship. Morale is high and the crew is celebrating. It is good to get the recent unpleasantness behind us.

Our first day out on the seas following our coastal raid we spotted sails. A pirate warship moving in to take a galley as a prize. The pirate vessel’s superior lines made me wary, but as she closed to chase us off, the observant Master Redgrave noted she was poorly manned, and poorly armed. We made a show of giving them birth, and were able to round on them and come out of the sun. She was unawares, being involved in taking on her plunder, and I was able to lay us right on her starboard gun’el after a volley from Master Flint.

The fighting was brief, but intense. I made a leap to the sterncastle of the warship to engage her captain, a looming half-ogre, strong and stupid. His fighting prowess was not impressive. Master Redgrave led the crew to board amidships and we made good show against them. I must admit I’ve come to enjoy the little gnome’s battle song. It makes my blood rise and strengthens my arm. It seems the rest of the crew feels it too.

After the slaughter I had hoped to plunder two holds but, alas, the drooling idiot had over-damaged his prize, and she sunk before we could get much off of her. Redgrave and our silent Bosun stayed aboard the wreck, trying to wrest what treasure they could from the greedy sea. Master Flint brought two good Ballistae aboard and the warship had a couple tons of goods we loaded on. The Gnome is an enchanting speaker, and we were able to swell our numbers from among the surviving crew. Huzzah, for the most part. We had to hoist the Bosun back aboard as he returned to us in the form of a squid. Unnerving that. I’ve seen the magic of the wild before but it sets a man on edge to think one might willingly become a slimy, tentacle creature. What must it feel like?

We ran the warship aground and told the remainder of her crew to piss off. They’ll spread word of our ferocity. It was a few days of sailing after before we spotted another sail. The weather had turned, but the crew is able. The Bosun runs a tight rig, good man. The watchman spotted a sailing ship from Absalom. We were unable to gauge her arms, but morale was running high from our previous skirmish and we gave chase.

Oh what a battle of ships! We made good use of the winds and closed quickly. We fought, her captain and I, for every favorable position, every clean shot. Master Flint made good use of our bolstered arsenal to strike at her rudder and catapult, and Master Redgrave set her sails alight. It was a great test of our skills, but I was soon able to come alongside her and our boarders landed a good grapple on the second attempt.

I, again, leapt from our sterncastle to hers, but in this engagement the bulk of her Elvish forces moved to our decks. Myself and Bosun Nodies were able to clear her sterncastle quickly, but Redgrave and Shortstone, still aboard our vessel, were beset from all sides. Our Master at Arms made good show, but at one point he was overwhelmed and fell. I feared we might lose him and the Gnome but Master Flint came from behind his Ballista, pistols roaring and Shortstone was able to revive Master Redgrave and continue the fight.

I spied a sorcerer on their decks, weaving magics against us, and dealt him an horrific blow. I felt as though it was a felling stroke, yet somehow he continue on, though bleeding profusely. Perhaps some incomprehensible evil from beyond this world stayed my blade.

Once recovered, our crew fought ferociously and their captain surrendered. The Absolomi vessel yielded us a full-sized catapult and a few tons of trade goods. Her captain should yield a ransom, and so we make ready to sail for Senghor. Master Redgrave suggests we bring our captured vessel along for sale. Damaged, and stripped of siege engines, I don’t believe she’ll bring enough gold to take the risk of arrest. While Senghor will buy our plunder without batting an eye, a clearly stolen ship will attract the authorities’ attentions for sure. Still, the Master at Arms is adamant, and I’m willing to bring the measure before the officers, though I have no intention of tethering myself to the business. I’ve only just recently gained a ship beneath me, the freedom of the sea, and the power to make my fortune; I’ll not trade it all for a prison cell, and there are surer ways to make coin.

What is left of the crew
and what are you going to do about it.

Ambrose “Fishguts” Kroop
Owlbear Hartshorn
Sandara Quinn
Rosie Cusswell
Ratline Rattsberger
Tilly Brackett
Giffer Tibbs
4 Random Chelish Dudes (Tom, Dick, Harry, and Bob)

Previous Enemies Alive
Master Scourge
Conchobhar Shortstone
Barefoot Toppin
Slippery Syl Lonegan
*Fipps Chumlett (was previously tied up in bilges)
*Jake Magpie

Bonewrack Isle is a Bitch

Our heroes were sent by Plugg and Scourge to Bone Wrack Isle to gather fresh water after being marooned on a rock and the ship needing repairs to move forward.

The adventurers head off to the beach and make their way through the island. Starting by making their way through a swamp, Billy Blades gets tongued by a couple giant frogs while Kerrigan jumps in the bog a few times.

They also run into an interesting tent lived in by some old ho’s.

Off to the beach area they check out a corn field bringing swift death to the local Ankheg. Off up the trail to find the last remaining Chelish “survivor” in his fort. They take care of 2 vine chokers (barely) and blow away a swarm of diseased bot flys.

They move to a cove where they saw some small monsters with Sandara’s hat on (after taking a nappy nap). They clear the fuck out of the caves and save Rosie and Sandara.

Now let’s see if they can make it back to the ship with the water in time!

Tons of Stuff

Day 1
Wake Up – Get them to the top – Master Scourge
Jobs for the day. Race to the Top
Bloody Hour
Pirate Entertainment

Day 2
4 Pirates Stop them from getting up at the bell
Jobs for the day. Bilges for someone
Actions for the day
Bloody Hour/Entertainment

Day 3
Put someone on lookout
Play a joke on them
Skip through this day pretty quickly

Day 4
Regulate Jobs
Something in the Bilges – 6 Dire Rats (they get concealment by water)
Searched the Bilges
Weather is blistering. Bilges are hot and nasty

Day 5
Josh is on lookout – see the golden lost island of Ghol-Gon (the early lost Kingdom)
1. cut and bleed onto your shirt. send it up as the jolly roger. 2. On the lookout, yell, Besmara, Lead me to thy gold!!!! as loud as you can 3. Give up your greatest posession to the sea.
Plugg brings Owlbear to fight – 100gp wager on owlbear
Owlbear – 150
Taphhy 3 GP
HP 6
Owlbear clowns, laughs, cries out random phrases to get laughs
He eats live crabs, breaking shells with his teeth and fingers
Recent Tar and Feathering
Below 15 points Plugg throws him a club

Day 6 – - Building Storm
Stop to explore a cave being revealed by low tide
3 Merfolk – 2 join
Storm Building – Rain

Day 7
Someone notices something misssing
Davey to recut the tooth
Play Heave on the night of the storm

Day 8-10 – The Storm
All Hands Called to Deck
All Riggers and all +2 DC checks
2 Shifts. Day Shift and NIght Shift
Biscuits Only
DC 14 checks at night to not be fatigued (or exhausted, which they pass out asleep at work)
Day 9 – Friendly goes overboard pg 28
DC 20 to Swim in storming waters
To throw a rope its a ranged touch attack (10 foot increment)
First round they are 10 feet away, next rounds 1d3X10 feet further
Splash Weaspon Rules –
Success mean they may be able to be pulled back in. See pg 28

Day 11 – pg 29
Waters become shallow and navigation tricky
Plugs calls the PCs together, 4 floating crab pots at his feet
Water is clear, can see the reef Plugg wants them to swim to 200 ft out
Reefclaws –
Reefclaws are delicious and the captrain rewards them by reterning all equipment or cure moderate wounds for the sailors who already have

Day 14 – pg 29 – Boarding School
Exused from work. Trained by Riaris Krine (master gunner w peg leg)
Takes 2 characters out at a time
Instructs how to use grappling hooks
Throw Grapple hook – ranged touch attack – AC 5 – range -6 on throw
Tie off rope as move action -
Shimmy across rope DC 15 climb checks
Other teammates throw gathered food, garbage, bottles, bucketsat the their friends
10 Reflex save to stay on the rope if hit
3 tries to make it – if you don’t make it you go alone with 4 pirates throwing at you only
Day 17 – pg 30 – Unpleasant Duties
Worst Jobs
Any NPCS lower rating one
Plugg and Scourge make fun/degrade of the PCS at every chance
Day 19 – pg 30 Risky Games in the Bilges
Most hated PC (probably Tapphy or Billy) Assigned to Bilges
Other PCs assigned as normal
on way, Plugg and Scourge bump into him – search and remove any weapons
2 other PCs down there helping with hidden daggers
One of them accuses Tapphy of slacking, they are actually going to try to kill him
2 Wormwood Pirates pg20
they killed him and topple several barrels on him and say it was an accident

Day 20 – Sails on the Horizon!
Merchant Ship Flees but is no match for the pirate ship’s speed
Closes over 12 hours
Chelish vessel
Day 21 – Piracy!
During the Last Hour
Pigs Slain and used as chum
Riaris Krine summons PCs to poop deck to them battle tasks
Page 31
PC who did best in charge of boarding party
15 bluff to add NPCs (which did not happen)
4 rounds to connect
40% chance of being attacked by 1d4 heavy crossbow bolts +1/19-20
Ships collide – pirate hurl grapples and planks
Give a cinematic experience
noises of fighting drifting out of mist
glipse of larger battle
screams of pirate thrown into the sea and eaten by sharks
hush at the end of the battle
33 percent chance of being attacked by a Shark –
If attacked it goes up by another 33 percent because of blood
Grapple/Climb/Flatfooted first round
6 soldiers on aft and 4 on stern castle – Crossbows and bull rushes, then flanking Page 32
Round 3 – Captains Back
Round 5 – Explosion – Kipper is badly burned
Round 6 – Fleeing Sailors
3 (or 4) sailors appear out of the fog to board the starboard boat
They must make 3 sailor 10 sailor/dex checks
Round 7-10 – The Battle Turns – Harrigan is seen with a human heart in his hands
Round 11 – Abandoning the Ship
Senior officer and 2(or 3) sailors flees in one of the ships
Time to untie is cumulative from the last group – The soldiers defend him
Officer has a boarding pike of repelling and 2 weapon fighting
Round 16 – Aftermath – Page 34
Pirate Win – Parade around the officers
Party begins with fine food and drinks from the Man’s Promise for 36 hours
Captives pg 34 (pistols from old captain given to plugg)
PC’s are picked for the man’s promise crew

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