Skulls and Shackles

Bonewrack Isle is a Bitch

Our heroes were sent by Plugg and Scourge to Bone Wrack Isle to gather fresh water after being marooned on a rock and the ship needing repairs to move forward.

The adventurers head off to the beach and make their way through the island. Starting by making their way through a swamp, Billy Blades gets tongued by a couple giant frogs while Kerrigan jumps in the bog a few times.

They also run into an interesting tent lived in by some old ho’s.

Off to the beach area they check out a corn field bringing swift death to the local Ankheg. Off up the trail to find the last remaining Chelish “survivor” in his fort. They take care of 2 vine chokers (barely) and blow away a swarm of diseased bot flys.

They move to a cove where they saw some small monsters with Sandara’s hat on (after taking a nappy nap). They clear the fuck out of the caves and save Rosie and Sandara.

Now let’s see if they can make it back to the ship with the water in time!



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