Gaining Infamy and Disrepute

Whenever the Crew gains Infamy, they also gain an equal amount of Disrepute.

Mamimum Infamy = 4 x Average party level (APL).
Maximum Disrepute = Current Infamy score.

Infamy is the sum of all the outlandish stories and rumors about the PCs being told throughout the Shackles, and the PCs may gain Infamy by recounting their victories, boasting of the treasures they’ve won, and spreading tales of their outrages.

Disrepute is a spendable resource—a group’s actual ability to cash in on its reputation. This currency is used to purchase Impositions.

Gain Infamy: The ship must be docked at port for at least 1 Full Day. The PC determined to be the main storyteller must then spend the entire day on shore carousing and boasting of infamous deeds, and must make either a Bluff, Intimidate, or Perform check to gauge the effectiveness of their recounting or embellishing. The DC of this check is equal to 15 + (2 x APL). If the check succeeds, the group’s Infamy increases by +1. If the result exceeds the DC by +5, the group’s Infamy increases by +2; if the result exceeds the DC by +10, the scores increase by +3. The most a party’s Infamy and Disrepute scores can ever increase as a result of a single check is by 3 points.

Infamy and Disrepute per Port: No matter how impressionable (or drunk) the crowd, no one wants to hear the same tales and boasts over and over again. Thus, a group can only gain a Maximum of 5 points of Infamy and Disrepute from any particular port. This maximum resets at each new Infamy threshold.

Gaining Infamy and Disrepute

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