Selling Plunder

Plunder represents goods and items, which are mundane in nature, but still have value of their own. A point of plunder may represent a crate full of valuable ores, a large load of timbers, bails of wool or rolls of silk, or even a whole cargo hold full of foodstuffs. Plunder is meant to track wealth in a generalized manner, without burdening the game experience with determining the value of each individual nail or hog.

In general, 1 point of Plunder is worth approximately 1,000 gp, and takes up 10 tons of cargo capacity. However, just because cargo might be worth a set amount doesn’t necessarily mean that a pirate crew can get that much for it. Furthermore, each time a pirate ship comes to port, the crew MUST be paid 1 point of Plunder from the ship’s stores to compensate them for their service.

Selling a point of plunder for gold requires a PC to spend 1 full day at port and make either a Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate skill check. Regardless of how much plunder the crew has, one PC must spend a full day trading to exchange each point of plunder for gold.


Base Sale %: This is the amount that 1 point of Plunder is worth in a settlement of the given size.

DC to Increase: This is the difficulty to increase the amount of gold that 1 point of Plunder may be sold for in a settlement of this size. The PC making the sale must succeed at a Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate skill check against this DC to affect the sale price. For instance: If the ship is docked at a Village, 1 point of Plunder starts off only worth 30%(300 gp), however if the PC makes an applicable skill check against a DC 15, the sale price could be increased to 35%(350 gp), or DC 20 to increase the sale to 40%(400 gp). If the ship were docked at a Small City, 1 point of Plunder would start out worth 80%(800 gp); to increase the sale amount to 85%(850 gp) would require a DC 20 check, and so on.

Maximum Sale %: This is the most gold that any merchant in a settlement of this size will pay for a point of Plunder. The DC of the skill check cannot be raised any further.

Selling Plunder

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